How an RSS Feed Can Help You Win Your Fantasy League

Football season is upon us, and for many fans, that means one thing: the return of Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is a booming industry, that many estimate to be worth upwards of $70 Billion. And while many fans tend to play leisurely, the emergence of paid leagues, with lucrative prizes, has increased the competitiveness of the game among football fans. Because of this, it has never been more crucial to keep up with the latest news updates from around the NFL. Keeping up with player injuries, depth-chart movement, coaching schemes and roster transactions is essential to managing a winning fantasy football team. Creating an RSS feed, a central location to combine all of your news sources, can make keeping track the latest NFL news much easier.

Here are a few reasons why you should be utilizing RSS feeds:

It provides one access point for all your information: compile all of your favorite news sources in one location to make accessing and consuming online content easier. Instead of visiting multiple websites and navigating through menus, creating an RSS feed allows you to organize all of your information in one convenient location, saving you time and increasing your productivity. This is especially useful for keeping up with injury reports and making start/sit decisions.

View just the content you want: unlike viewing you content the usual way, by manually visiting a website, organizing all of your content on through an RSS feed manager, like Feedly, saves you the trouble of navigating though web pages to find the specific content you want. RSS feeds also saves you from having to deal with annoying advertising, bringing you directly to the content you want. And let’s face it, who really cares about a sale on shoes when you’re busy making a tough decision between a WR4 or a RB3…

Its easy to do: You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to set up an RSS feed. Setting up an RSS feed is simple and straight-forward. You should have no excuses for not setting up an RSS feed and riding it to fantasy football glory.


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