How TweetDeck Keeps You Up To Date

TweetDeck is an innovative, dashboard-styled, application that allows you to manage your Twitter account(s). Using the application makes it fairly simple to create a community of knowledge around a topic that’s relevant to you; in my case, baseball.


Within a matter of minutes, I had created a fully customized dashboard of Twitter accounts, all related to one of my passions: baseball. I became a curator, by collecting, organizing and displaying everything baseball related, all on TweetDeck.

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I was able to organize all of this information by utilizing the features of TweetDeck. The application allows you to create several panes within your dashboard. You have the option of including timelines, likes, direct messages, mentions and lists in these panes within the dashboard. I realized that I could compose several lists, a Twitter term for a timeline of related Twitter accounts, to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Major League Baseball. I created a list for American League East Teams (to follow all news related to the Blue Jays and their divisional rivals), Players (so I never miss another ill-advised Tweet or questionable selfie), and Reporters (to keep up with all the latest rumors, trades, signings, promotions and demotions).

It was that simple. I had organized essentially all of baseball into one window, all thanks to TweetDeck.


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